Dig into the local farms that are providing the freshest and finest ingredients to HomeGrown chefs. Our Asheville restaurant thrives not just because we toss up the best chicken biscuits you’ve ever salivated upon, but because our roots spread throughout the community. We support local farms that share our values in sustainability, community and good taste. With deep gratitude for their blood, sweat and tears (but not on your greens, they promise!) we’d like to tell you some of their stories…

– finger-lickin’ chicken: Ashley Farms is a regional provider of some of the finest poultry in the country. They are a conscientious enterprise that focuses on the health of their birds as well as their environmental impact. You can chow down on your chicken sandwich with the confidence that you are eating non-GMO or antibiotic-infused fowl, and that your meal was raised with compassion and a conscience – you’ll be able to taste the difference, too! Tell us we’re lyin’ when you lick your plate clean and sink into a local food coma. Website: ashleyfarms.com

provides for a variety of Asheville Restaurants (but we know how to turn up the flavor) : Homegrown uses Hickory Nut Gap to make Corned Beef Hash, which is sautéed with local taters & sweet onions and served with a fried egg. Their 100% grass-fed ground beef transforms into tantalizing hamburgers; and their pasture-raised pork will wind up on your plate in southern smoked pork chops, or in a pork carnitas burrito if the chef’s feeling a Latin kick. Website: hickorynutgapfarm.com

is a goldmine of greens for our Asheville Restaurant: From Leaning Willow Farm come piles upon piles of green treasures: broccoli mostly, collards, three different kinds of kale, elephant garlic (of the leek family), specialty squashes and the occasional watermelon grown by the owners’ 6-year-old son for a delightful summertime soup. Matthew Hess, who runs the farm along with his wife, Liza Myers, says the chefs use their lemon basil for a risotto that’s so good, it makes him forget that they started with his own local food. You might even encounter the Leaning Willow team enjoying dinner at HomeGrown the next time you pop in. You can find more info about Leaning Willow Farm through asapconnections.org

: Watercress from Long Valley Organics turns into Watercress Pesto, which is served with, among other things, grilled chicken and house made mozzarella in a fantastic Pesto Chicken Samich (if I do say so myself). Website (through ASAP): buyappalachian.org/listing/long-valley-farm

is a cooperative that supports multiple local farms: New River Organic Growers sells local, free-range eggs with radiant yolks the color of the sun. They formed over 10 years ago as a cooperative to support new, organic local farms in the area. Consider this as you enjoy your omelet: your breakfast is actually supporting 30 farms all at once! How about that?! HomeGrown also purchases their antibiotic/hormone-free pork as well as seasonal veggies; and the catering department gobbles up their micro greens and goat cheese, too. What NROG has to say about HomeGrown: “We love working with Miki, Greg and Chef Jay! They have a real passion for the local farm community and do their part to support local farms.” (Blush) Well, thank you NROG for giving us something to be passionate about! Website: newriverorganicgrowers.org

– local fish, local flavor: Deep within the cool climate of Pisgah National Forest in the shadow of Cold Mountain resides Sunburst Trout Farm. A unique and sustainably-oriented operation, Sunburst Trout Farm takes great care to maintain the purity of their product as well as their water supply. The relationship between Sunburst and HomeGrown extends beyond the establishment of the restaurant all the way back to culinary school for Ben of Sunburst and Greg of HomeGrown. Now they’re supporting each other in their own local enterprises and bringing you some smokin’ trout dip wraps with cream cheese, grilled apples and spring mix. Website: sunbursttrout.com

gives us a rainbow of culinary possibilities for both our restaurant and our green catering service: Charles Church of Watuga River Farms has acres and acres of every kind of vegetable your heart desires. He grows chard, rhubarb, greens, taters and more on his land, and the HomeGrown chefs love to turn that rainbow into mealtime masterpieces. Watuga River also offers a variety of pork products grown as naturally as God made ‘em. Website: wataugariverfarms.com

is a cohort of small family farms in Yancey and Buncombe Counties. They specialize in organic veggies as well as juicy fruits and berries, which find their way to your plate at HomeGrown. Website: whispershollerfarms.com

for the best ‘maters you ever at’: Are you basking in a bowl of tomato basil soup? Did you slap a juicy slice of ‘mater on your grass-fed burger? You can thank Wool Branch Farm for the tomatoes on HomeGrown’s daily-updated summertime menu.

will have you basking in a post-dairy glow: South Carolina peaches served fresh on local mixed greens with Yellow Branch cheese, sunflower seeds & a balsamic reduction. How’s that for a light and local lunch? Farmstead cheeses are traditionally crafted from the milk of the farm’s own herd. Pesticides? Chemicals? What about growth hormones? You won’t find any of that here. This cheese is pure, buttery goodness that pairs well with just about anything – a rich flavor derived from pasture-raised cows’ milk and an original recipe with seasonings from the land. Yellow Branch is a local farm that has been in the cheese biz for 26 years, and has been selling to HomeGrown since the restaurant’s inception.
Website: yellowbranch.com/indexC.html